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Waxworms are soft, creamy white grubs about one inch long.  As pet food, they make excellent treats for all types of lizards, frogs, turtles, snakes, fish, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, birds, and more!  Waxworms are so tasty, many pets find them irresistible even when they are sick and refusing other foods.  The worms are best kept at room temperature for about 3 weeks, then they can be placed in the refrigerator to maximize life. Waxworms do not require food or moisture as they no longer eat as full size larva.  Removing any dead worms on a regular basis and keeping the bedding dry can further extend shelf life. 

Waxworms are also excellent fishing bait for panfish and trout.  They are effective not only for ice fishing but summer panfishing as well.  The light cream color quickly catches the attention of hungry bluegill and perch, and the juicy grubs disperse scent into the water when hooked. 


Spikes (maggots) are larva of the Bluebottle Fly and are about 1/2 inch long.  When properly maintained in the supplied packaging, they can be kept for months.  They are also great for panfish and trout.  For best results, spikes should be refrigerated  in the ziploc bags they are shipped in at about 33-38 degrees F. Like waxworms, spikes do not require any food.  Remove any dead on a regular basis and keep the bedding dry.


Mealworms are larvae of the Tenebrio Molitor species.  They are just over an inch in length and have a semi-hard shell.  Mealworms are an excellent food source for lizards, frogs, turtles, snakes, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, birds, and other pets.  They should be kept refrigerated in the cups they are shipped in.  Our mealworms are shipped in bedding they can eat.  However, it may help to take them out of your refrigerator every 2-3 weeks and give them an apple slice.  This will help preserve their size and extend shelf life.  Leave the container out for a day or two, remove any leftover apple slice, and refrigerate again.

We have Sampler Packs available, so you can try all three!