We are located in Aniwa, WI and Standard Shipping is FREE! Standard Shipping includes USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail, or Spee-Dee Delivery, depending on destination.


If you live in MN, WI, IL, SD, ND, IA, eastern NE, portions of Upper MI, and MO (St. Louis area) your orders are shipped by Spee-Dee Delivery (except 1,000 spikes. They are shipped First Class).


  1. States and Zip Codes (use the first 3 numbers of your Zip Code) with an average 1 day shipment
    • All of Wisconsin
    • All of Illinois
    • All of Minnesota
    • Portions of South Dakota
      • 570-574
    • Portions of North Dakota
      • 580-582
    • Portions of Iowa
      • 504-507, 510-513, 520-524, 527, 528
    • Portions of Nebraska
      • 687
  2. States and Zip Codes (use the first 3 numbers of your Zip Code) with an average of 2 day shipment
    • Portions of South Dakota
      • 575-577
    • Portions of North Dakota
      • 583-588
    • Portions of Iowa
      • 500-503, 508, 509, 514-516, 525, 526
    • Portions of Nebraska
      • 680, 681, 683-686
      • 688, 689 is sent by USPS

All other states is sent by either USPS First Class or USPS Priority

  • Orders shipped to the West Coast generally take 2-4 days for shipment.
  • Orders shipped to the East and Northeast generally take 3-5 days for shipment.
  • Orders shipped to the South generally take 2-4 days for shipment (expect FL which takes 3-5 days).


Most orders will be shipped the day after they are received. We ship Monday through Thursday weekly.

During periods of extreme heat or cold, we may have to briefly delay shipping to guarantee live delivery. At customer request, orders can still be shipped during extreme weather but live delivery cannot be guaranteed.